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The Bloom Team

I came to Liverpool from Edinburgh to do my PhD in parasitology at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Following that I undertook research posts in the University in Cancer Studies. For the last 9 nine years I have worked as an NHS Research Scientist in Clinical Haematology, studying lymphoid malignancies.

In 2011 I was asked to help establish the Bloom Appeal with other colleagues in the lab.

I have lived in Liverpool all my life. Following my degree in genetics at The University of Liverpool I started working in the Department of Haematology at the Royal Hospital. I have been in the department for over 16 years working as an NHS research scientist with Prof. Andy Pettitt. My work has focused on developing new tests & markers to aid in the diagnosis/management of blood cancers. In 2011 I became involved with establishing The Bloom Appeal and I continue to be actively involved in its management.

I have lived in Liverpool all my life and recently joined The Bloom Appeal as an administrator. I have had a varied work life from administration to managing my own photography business. In the last 8 years I worked in the legal sector and was extremely proud to be a part of the team who represented 22 of the families in the Hillsborough Inquest. My involvement with the team inspired me to start studying part-time for my Law Degree, and I am now finishing my third year.

I've lived in Liverpool since 2007, where I have worked in the fundraising departments of a number of different charitable organisations, including Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and the University of Liverpool. I was really excited to be asked to work with The Bloom Appeal to help develop a fundraising strategy, which will help the charity grow and reach even more people.